This is going to be a crazy week. A couple of days of work, and thursday we are headed to Green Bay for the Packer/Bear game. And yes, we are Packer fans, and no, I don’t want to discuss today’s game. Then, Saturday is Paint the Town! Which consumes lots of our time, but is great fun. Finally, Sunday we are on the road to begin our adventure.
Our first stop will be Nebraska to see Ben, Lindsay and Beatrice. Can’t wait to see the three of them, and soon to be four, they are expecting a son the beginning of October!!

Bea just started dance this past week. Love that little girl!

Now, on to the camper. I researched slide-in truck campers extensively. We have never camped in anything but a tent before now. We wanted to retain the ability to camp in the remote campgrounds we enjoy. Nothing better then camping next to a rushing mountain stream, with few people around. But I must admit I am looking forward to a real mattress, and it even has a toilet, shower with hot and cold water. Also a stove, refrigerator, and kitchen sink. Amazing what can fit in a confined area..






Mark is still figuring out how it all runs, nearly everything can be run with electricity or gas. But the toilet flushed, so all is well.