This morning we woke up to rain. Completely expected, and we are prepared for walking in rain. Waterproofed top to bottom. All ready to head out, and then the gale force wind started. We are walking for pleasure, scenery and experiencing another culture. Looking out at where we were to walk, and having the clouds completely blocking any views we may have, we decided to hunker in, and ride it out. Things finally calmed down at 3ish. Too late, so we explored the small village and dined on the sea. We also walked 5 miles to do laundry, so we did get some walking in. It was disappointing, but its not worth getting blown away.

There are actually mountains behind this tree. Another reason not to walk today, we would have probably only seen right in front of us.
Klondike House B&B breakfast. I’m not big on sharing food pictures, but this was amazing.
Outdoor laundry., not the best in pouring rain.
Waterville is a small village on the Atlantic. There are only around 400 full time residents. But it has healthy tourism.
A nice walk along the sea
Charlie Chaplin hung out in Waterville a lot, they are very proud of that.
A brighter afternoon.

Tomorrow we walk from Waterville to Cahersiveen. Maybe a little rain, but they aren’t expecting the winds we had today. We are ready to get back on the walk. Should be about a 15 mile day.