Today’s hike was beyond gorgeous. We walked along mountains, and after each pass the views of valleys just opened up. Some of the hike was boggy and we walked on one lane roads, grass paths, rock paths, and among the farm animals.

Through out the day the clouds covered the higher peaks. I’ve always been intimidated by long uphills, but they seem to be getting easier? We are about 36 miles into about 120 miles.

Mark checking out another decaying building
I think we crossed 30 stiles today. My dismount seems to be a little sketchy, but I’ve not fallen yet.
Sometimes our path is like a tunnel
Lots of stone fences
An old cemetery on our walk with Celtic head stones
This guy was sitting in the middle of nowhere, just to bring a smile.
I’m not sure what these are, but they are everywhere

Tomorrow we walk from Caherdaniel to Waterville. They are predicting rain. But we’re ready, waterproofed head to toe.