Yesterday was a hard day for our first day hiking. The blame can be placed directly on me. The company we are going through has an app with all the daily routes and GPS, easy right. Well, my mistakes led to over 16 miles as opposed to the 12 we were to hike. It was mountainous and lots of steep ups and downs. We were exhausted last night, But the scenery was breathtaking.

Hiking through Killarney National Park. Torc waterfalls.
A few waterfalls to brighten out walk
There is water everywhere. It runs in little streams along the side of our trails and sometimes on our trails
The trail has been paths, double tracks and wooden pathways

I keep forgetting to take a picture of our accommodations. I’ll do better. They have all been B&B’s and wonderful. Sadly we were too tired to explore Kenmare yesterday. Next, Kenmare to Sneem.