A much easier day today. Only 10 miles! And relatively flat. We hiked along the Kenmare Bay.

Kenmare Bay
Two track road walking
The plants are on steroids here. With the damp climate and temperate weather, they thrive.
Single family home
Lots of stone fences. Some are overgrown, but still standing
Interrupted these guys.
Giving it over to the bats
Lots of old stone buildings crumbling.
We crossed many stiles, moving from one pasture to the next.
A great way to end the day!
Mark opted for dessert
Downtown Sneem, beautiful village

Yesterday was warm and sunny. Almost too warm for strenuous hiking. Today, it was cloudy all day, and a little drizzle. Warm enough for a T-shirt though. The humidity is around 97%. I guess you just feel a little damp your whole life. Now for some rest and relaxation.