Traveling couldn’t have gone smoother. A direct flight from Chicago to Dublin, and the plane was only a quarter full. Then a bus to the city center. We arrived at our hotel at 7:00am and they let us in our room!! Great to use it as we explored Dublin, especially for occasional naps.

Flower baskets everywhere in Dublin
Wandered through the castle’s state rooms
King George VI throne

Yours truly with Molly Malone “in Dublin’s fair city

Prerequisite fish and chips from Leo Burdock’s
The prices are per liter, so that’s about $6.00 a gallon
Catching a train to Killarney. It was about a 3 hour trip. All public transport requires you to mask.
Our hotel in Killarney, The Abbey Lodge
Killarney has a vibrant, bustling downtown shopping ares.
A “jaunty” to Muckross House. I considered starting hiking this way, but it didn’t seem right to start the walk with a horse and buggy..

We met with the company Ireland Walk Hike Bike, and have our GPS set. Tomorrow we hike to Kenmare. It is a little over 12 miles. The weather has been lovely. Upper 60’s and sunny, but I’m sure we will be using our waterproof gear at some point. Anxious to get started!!!