Yesterday we took a little tour of the Spanish Atlantic Coast, which included places associated with the Camino. Many pilgrims continue walking to Fisterra, after Santiago. (Theresa and I opted for a bus) Fisterra means “lands end” in Latin.

Before Fisterra though, we stopped at some historic picturesque spots.

I won’t bore you with the significance of this particular stop. But the Camino to the coast goes right over this ancient bridge.

We also stopped at waterfalls that also are used to provide electricity for the area.

Fisterra is one of the western most part of Galicia, and the end end of the Camino.

After one of the best meals I’ve ever had…

We went on to Muxia. Another pilgrim stop on the Camino. There we left the tour and spent the night in this charming village. Mainly to watch one of the most amazing sunsets.

And enjoy some peaceful down time in this small fishing village.

We are now back in Santiago for one more day and then back to Morrison on Tuesday. It’s been an amazing trip!! We’ve been so blessed by everything going so smoothly. Saint James perhaps had a hand in that?

Looking forward to seeing my husband, family and friends. Adios!