Time has been flying by and it is difficult to remember what we did earlier in the day, let alone yesterday. Yesterday was a great, relatively few hills, day of walking. Again through the countryside and small villages.

The farmers are out planting and the sun was shining. It was our warmest day, lower 70’s.

This is a church in one of the small villages. There is a story about it, but I can’t recall the whole history. Maybe someday I’ll look it up again and share it.

We stayed at Pension Vilanova last night, and had actually stayed there last September. This time Theresa and I had 4 beds.

The Pension was full and I spent some time outside with other pilgrims. We met a nice couple from Cornwall, and through google translate (what a gift) I conversed with some Spaniards.

Today was our final walk into Santiago. Walking slow, we savored all the views and experiences.

Theresa befriended Gucci, a paraplegic dog, due to being hit by a car. The wheelchair didn’t slow him down.

This dog escorted us through his village.

The spring flowers have been a refreshing sight along the Camino, and such variety.

And then… we were at the Cathedral.

It surprised me how emotional it was to arrive.

Now we are at the hotel, with Ned watching over the square.

I want to thank Theresa Brandon for allowing me to join her on this adventure. She has been an amazing, encouraging, fun travel companion. Her insights and research, made this part of the trip flow seamlessly. Her gift as an artist and the way she sees the beauty in everything, opened my eyes to even the obscure. We still have a few days left and I look forward to everyday’s adventure.

Buen Camino!!

And tomorrow we get to explore Santiago!