I’m not gonna lie, yesterday was a rough one. It started out lovely, walking through the countryside. Small villages and farms, some forests, lots of spring flowers.

And then… after lunch, of ham and cheese on homemade bread, in one of the small villages. We started an uphill walk/climb. Hills are very much a part of the terrain here, but this hill… This hill went on and on and on, climbing higher and higher.

For 3.5 miles we walked up, and not just up, but at pretty steep incline. It was exhausting and not knowing where the top was, made it all the more difficult mentally. I’ll admit, being from Illinois and basically a flat lander, there were a couple of tears. But we made it and are quite proud. Better yet, we are ready to go again!!

We finished the day at a rustic hotel that we stayed at last September. A young family owns it and they make you feel like a part of the family.

This is Herby, and he is a treat!

Tuesday (day 4)

What a reprieve today was. Gently rolling hills and narrow pathways through the Spanish countryside. Small quaint villages.

A variety of farm animals along the way make it even more pleasant. Lots and lots of dogs!

Farmers were out planting. Although I’m not sure what. And the weather continues to be perfect. 60’s and sunny.

Tonight we are in a pension that seems to have just been renovated from a run down building into a real architectural beauty.

Lots of stonework.

Now to relax and read a bit, until tomorrow, or maybe the day after…