Let’s just jump right in, because that is how this all started.  Last September, I had an amazing experience, walking the Camino Ingles.  There were five of us walking the Camino in Spain.  Unfortunately, due to health problems, Theresa Brandon, wasn’t able to complete the walk.  She had spent a tremendous amount of time researching and planning for the trip, and it was more than disappointing.  A few months ago, I ran into Theresa at the loft, wearing the fanny pack (yes, fanny pack) I wore during the walk. She divulged that she was returning to Spain to complete the walk alone.


Immediately, I started thinking about accompanying her, and she was receptive to my idea!  So, later that day I found a flight and we are leaving May 17th.  So here we go again!!


There are a couple of changes this time, we are leaving from A Coruna instead of Ferrol, requiring us to walk about 15 miles in the US.  Thank you Father Brzezinski for your assistance.  Also, since I received my credentials last year, this trip I will be walking for Ned J. Nesti Jr.  He will be with us in spirit, Im sure. Ned if fine. I am walking so he may have a Compostela.

Im trying to keep my pack around 15 lbs.  But without Mark along this time, and the inability to “share” my overload with him, it is proving a little difficult.


So here we go again, and I couldn’t be more excited!!