The last couple of days have been very emotional for me. People walk the Camino for different reason. Religious, spiritual and recreational. This was a spiritual journey for me. I don’t want to get into what it has meant to me, but walking into the large open area and turning to face the Cathedral was humbling and brought tears quickly. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and being able to overcome the pain that comes with RA, walking the 110+ kilometers, showed me the strength a person can have mentally.

Yesterday we attended a pilgrim mass at the cathedral. Another emotional experience.

Saint James at the alter. Following the Camino it is tradition to hug him. At the end of the mass the swinging of the botafumeiro was inspiring, and amazing.

We are now in Muxía, on the sea, which some feel is the real end of the Camino. There is a story about the Virgin Mary, a stone boat and Saint James.


We took the bus here and after many stops dropping people off in villages, arrived in time to watch the sunset. With the setting of a church, waves crashing, and few people, it was another emotional experience.

Today is our last day in Spain. We bus back to Santiago for a roof top tour and then fly home tomorrow. This was a trip of a lifetime for me, and the experience I will carry with me forever. The group of people we were with, Theresa, Marc, Jon and Mark, made the experience even more extraordinary. I thank them for their patience with me.