There are markers guiding the way to Santiago with how many kilometers left to go. They are placed at road intersections, and are actually quite frequent. I would look with joy as the mileage ticked off. Today, I started looking at them with sadness, knowing we are nearing the end of our pilgrimage. Tomorrow we complete the Camino in Santiago. I thought I would feel some relief, but instead, I would love to continue. Perhaps another Camino is in our future?

Today was a 16 mile day. The days of up and down hills had passed, so it was a comfortable walk over all. The weather was perfect, cool until mid afternoon, with a breeze at our backs pushing us onward.

Our first stop of the day was at a strange bar/cafe with an outdoor collection of old stone statues.

And a dinosaur?!?

There was also a “rest stop” for pilgrims, with a stone table and continuous running water.

Throughout the countryside are these corn dryers. Many are concrete, some are wood.

We also walked by some interesting horned cows. Not sure of the breed, and a large sunflower field.

This was on a lovely church in a small hamlet. Notice the knife in his neck. I’m not sure of the symbolism.

The highlight of the day was happening upon a village’s celebration of Our Lady of Merced (Mercy). We stopped for a little break in the village, and with a band and fireworks, all the locals in town and dressed up, it was a little glimpse into their lives.

We didn’t stay for the procession, mass was still going on. The attendance was so large not everyone fit in the small church.

On to Santiago tomorrow! Buen Camino!!