It has been a wonderful last two days on the Camino. Walking through Spain’s countryside has been an experience I’ll never forget. The small villages and farms are charming. Time is flying by. I also am feeling stronger everyday on the walk. Of course, the last two days have been shorter walks of about 7-8 Miles. Tomorrow will be our longest day at about 15 Miles. We are getting our stamps for our Compostela certificate.

Needing two stamps a day has not been difficult. They are from hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Yesterday we experienced a little Camino magic when a farm woman gave us peaches off her tree.

Last night we stayed at a pension quite a ways off the trail. We had to call to be let into the place. We were then given keys and left on our own.

Dining at a local spot, there was some language struggle with the young waitress. She went above and beyond, even calling her Mom to help interpret. She finally typed out her recommendation, to have a sampling of food, on google translate. Work well and we had a great meal. Tipped her well, and she seemed thrilled.

This is a picture of a Church in a small village.

Walking through the forests over the weekend has been interesting due to hunting. They are going after wild boar, so you hear gun shots throughout the day. Unfortunately my photos are on my camera, but they often have dogs with them.

There is a couple hiking with their dog. He rides on the top of their pack.

You run into the same pilgrims throughout the days. I met a lovely couple from the Czech Republic. Today she gave me a pin. We had met up at a bar/cafe again and sat together for a bit.

The cafe was very pilgrim friendly and even gave us stools to put our feet up! We saw more people on the walk today, perhaps some weekend walkers?

We stopped today at Bruma albergue. Nice to see, but also pleased with the decision not to stay at them. The dormitory layout just isn’t enticing.

Although this one had a nice stream by it to cool your tired feet.

Tonight we are in a charming inn, in the countryside. It is a casa rural with a stream is rushing by. If I get the energy, I’ll go explore more.

I’ll leave you with a little fungi and a photo of Mark and I walking. Until tomorrow, unless I’m too exhausted after the long day?!?