Today was a 14 miler day. I’m a little exhausted and wanted a Diet Coke, but it is 2 blocks away, so forget it.

It was a beautiful walk through woods and small hamlets. Many more ups and downs, but a new strategy helped. Not gonna reveal what it is though. We again walked on asphalt and dirt roads and lovely pathways. All with rain alternating with a light mist. It is warm though so not too uncomfortable being wet.

We have walked by lots of dogs, cats and horses. The plants here are amazing due to a wetter climate and warmer weather.

I did get a picture of one of the old laundry facilities that are common around three small villages. They intrigue me for some reason.

We are now in the city of Betanzos and it is gorgeous. Too bad I’m too tired to explore it.

My Camino travel family is wonderful and supportive. Unfortunately, Theresa has asthma and the steep inclines with the humidity has made the walking nearly impossible. She has been a real trooper, but has decided to forego the walking and meet us at each destination for the night. Will miss her company during the day, but we will at least see her at night.

I often think of all the pilgrims (while I walk) who made this journey over the centuries. They didn’t have the high tech equipment we enjoy now. I can’t imagine how heavy everything was for them. They also had to carry food which adds tremendous weight. Beside water, we only carry a little fruit and I have a little bit of hard candy. Walking these distances gives you lots of time to reflect on many things. Right now I’m feeling blessed to be here.