I’m gonna admit it right here, right now. Today kicked my butt. Perhaps I was feeling a little cocky from the day before? Still loving it though and excited about tomorrow, so that is good. The walk was a mixture of city and countryside. Asphalt and dirt roads, and lots of up and up and up, with a steep downhill to town. Again, all along the estuary. Theresa lent me a camera that is suppose to be able to Bluetooth upload, but I can’t figure it out. Have great pictures though on it.

The last picture is of our fearless guide John. It is lovely having a Spanish speaker along. He also handles locating our housing for the night, and many other needs. Most important, he is our friend.

Many of the small villages have a concrete cloth washing area from days gone by. They are shaded and have a scrubbing area. We also walked by farms with horses, chickens… and amazing views. The views were especially spectacular from the heights

we were at.

As far as the spiritual side of the trip. Today was more about digging deep and putting one foot in front of the other.

For your entertainment I’m including a video of Mark at a children’s playground. I also did the zip line, but I don’t think he realizes his phone videotapes and I’m not telling him!

Tonight I’m sitting outside our pension enjoying the evening and waiting to dine. Spain has a whole different schedule. Lunch is around 2-3:00 and supper is after 7:30. Tonight they are serving at 8:30.

Theresa, Marc, Mark, John and I are having a wonderful time. I couldn’t ask for better travel companions. This type of trip really allows you to see how the locals live.

Tomorrow it is a long uphill walk out of Pontedueme, And rain is expected. It will make carrying all this rain gear worthwhile! So, night all, until tomorrow!