Our first day of walking is complete! And what a lovely day it was. First though, a little bit of information. There are multiple “ways” to Santiago. The French Way, Spanish Way, Portuguese Way. We are walking the English Way. To get a completion certificate, you must walk at least 100 kilometers, and have at least 2 stamps a day on your Camino passport.

Theresa Brandon added her artistic talents to our names in the passport and on our shells.

The stamps can come from just about anywhere. Hotels, restaurants, stores, bars etc. the walk is spiritual, or religious or both and People do the walk for many reasons. The walk is through cities, towns, villages and countryside. Today we were mainly in the city of Ferrol, a population of about 70,000 people. Neda seems like a much smaller town.

The path is marked with the shell and arrow, although sometimes it is just a spray painted arrow. The pathway can be streets, or rocky roads, dirt pathways, or gravel. Today we walked on it all. Some hills, but pretty flat today and along the estuary. Today was about a 10 mile day, and although a little stiff after sitting, no other complaints. Tomorrow will be longer, And I’m excited to see what is next. My travel companions are wonderful too!

Leaving you some pictures of Neda. And a lovely watercolor Theresa Brandon did today.