I was looking at pictures for a photo album of my recent trip to France and Spain and realized, I never finished blogging about Madrid. So quickly life just rolls on, and time passes so fast.  Madrid was an amazing city and I loved wandering around the parks and city blocks.  One day I spent the afternoon wandering a city park.  I’d walk awhile and then sit and watch. I believe every nationality was represented that day.  So wonderful, it made me realize how important it is to be exposed to all cultures and beliefs, to have a true understanding of the world.

And one last ham picture for you…

Mark and I have been taking short camp overs during the last couple of weeks.  First, to Wylusing State Park in Wisconsin.  The campground looks over the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi River’s.  One of our favorite spots.

Last week we went to Starved Rock State Park and Matthiessen State Park in Illinois.


I think someplace in Iowa should be next.  We retired our camper and sadly lost my lovely collections of stickers.  But the updates on the new camper were worth giving them up for.

After several delays and plan changes, our next long adventure with the camper is to Texas.  Shortly after Thanksgiving we will head south for some warmth and experiences.