Although I could easily stay longer and explore more of Spain. I miss my husband and family. So it is bittersweet. I can’t wait to see his smiling face at the airport!!

But first, the beauty of the medieval town of Toledo. I’m just going to post the photos so you can see for yourself. First we took a panoramic tour of the city outside of it’s walls.

For 700 years, Muslims, Jews and Christians lived in harmony inside these walls. The Cathedral of Toledo is the 2nd largest in Spain and was breathtaking. The beautiful gold montronse which contains the host, is carried through the streets of Toledo on Corpus Christie day. 

The shops of ham intrigue me for some strange reason. 

Ned knows how to take advantage of a breakfast buffet. 

Today an art museum and then a free afternoon to spend with Sven and Andrea. Also a little bit of time to take more pictures of ham shops. 

I leave you with my prayers for Puerto Rico.