Another day, another country. I can’t remember how to say hello in Spain. So I’m looking at people awkwardly trying to think… it’s a bit pitiful. So today I will relearn the key words and retain them. I promise. 

Saturday we spent the afternoon in carcassonne. I beautiful walled city. 

Our hotel didn’t have any English speaking channels, but we did find a lovely Barbie movie with lots of singing. 

Honestly, we don’t watch much tv, but it is nice to get snippets of news.

Yesterday, we drove to Barcelona. Stopping in Figueres enroute to visit the Salvatore Dali museum. Ned feels the man was shallow in his art. But I quite enjoyed it. Yes, it was “out there”, but that was the fun of it all. 

After arriving in Barcelona, we dined and then walked a couple of miles through the city. It was packed for a Sunday night and full of life. Even late into the evening. As was explained to us, the Spainards have their lunch around 2-3:00 and then tapas around 8, and then their evening meal around 10:00. 

The city squares are beautiful. And the wharf and sea front was spectacular. 

Today we will be touring more of the city and its architecture. If I have not said it before… I miss my camera. There, I feel a bit better. I will ended this with a video of everyone trying to orientate themselves with maps.

I would tell you “until tomorrow” in Spanish, if I knew how. Perhaps I can learn today.