Yesterday more than made up for the disaster of the day before and the loss of my camera. We started the day at Pont-du-Gard. A 3 tiered roman aquaduct over 2,000 years old. The setting and aquaduct were breath taking. 

An ancient olive tree and our trusty guide Jon. He has been our guide on several trips and there are enough words for what a treasure he is. Last night in Avignon he taught a dance and told us a lovely story about the building of this bridge in Avignon. 

Of course, my camera would have made this picture much better. But trust me, in the evening light it was magical. 

Okay, back to earlier in the day. We spent the afternoon in Arles. A town Van Gogh and other famous painters made their home. It was charming. 

Traveling back to Avignon we stopped at the asylum Van Gogh went to following the cutting off of his ear. It is still in use, and rather than the dreary place I imagined asylums to be during that time. It is filled with light and gardens. It is also still in use as a mental hospital.  During the time Van Gogh was there, he became prolific at painting and many of his famous paintings he painted while there. 

The evening was spent dining in Avignon and this dessert was beyond delicious. Warm chocolate with violet icecream.

And an evening tour of the city. Which, for a time, was the papal center, basically the Vatican. So there is a pope castle and other important buildings from that time frame. 

Today we are driving to Carcassonne. Another medieval town. So it is time for me to pack my bag again…  always a struggle…