My attempts to blog this trip has been nothing short of complete fiasco. First the internet was too weak and now… well, yesterday my camera was stolen. Yep “lifted” right off the bus. I loved my camera. A canon rebel T5 and my favorite pens was on it. They also took a couple of other lens. A bit of cash taken from others,  a cell phone and a couple of other items. The thieves knew what they were doing and were slick about it because the driver had left the bus for just a short time. They broke in through the back of the bus taking a lock right off the bus. 

This has slowed my enthusiasm for blogging this trip. But not the overall experience of the trip. We are now in Avignon and it is beautiful. Seems much cleaner and safer and we are all safe and sound. No one was harmed in the incident and I am grateful for that. Items can be replaced. And I did have an added experience of visiting a police station and filing a French report…with our guide Jon’s assistance. So today I’m just going to post a few pictures and regroup. 

Above is from our first day in Eze. A small  medieval village.

A salad cooking lesson that was lots of laughs. 

Paul Cezanne’s painting studio just as he left it in 1906. 

A church in Marseille. I will attempt to continue to blog from my phone and using the pictures from it. Off to explore Avignon. Bon Jour.