In two short weeks, I will be traveling to the south of France and Spain.  I am again traveling with trusted leaders Theresa Brandon and Ned Nesti Jr.  We were also get the guide we have had on a few previous trips, and is wonderful.  Jon Lionet is efficient, knowledgeable, unflappable and fun.


I must admit, I’ve bought a couple of items off this list

Cool travel products

This is one of the few times I’m traveling to Europe without Mark.  We weren’t going on this trip, due to travel to Cuba in February.  Then, I received a text from a friend wondering if I knew anyone who would want to room with her on this particular trip.  After a few days of consideration, it hit me, why not me!!  It is Cheryl Bush’s first trip to Europe, so it has been fun preparing. A fresh outlook, and renewed excitement.  She has given me packing ideas, and also there are some cool little gizmos out there now.

The one item I am seriously considering purchasing is a new photo backpack.  Without Mark along, I am going to seriously photograph this trip.  Be prepared.

We were recently in Wisconsin, for a preseason Packer game, and camped at Point Beach State Park.  I’ll leave you with these photos.