We loved Cuba! So much, we have considered exploring visiting a smaller city, for a month.  Havana is interesting, but too large for us small town folk. cienfuegos is a great option. It has amazing culture in the arts and music, friendly and easily navigated. Maybe a month in our cold winters?  But Cuba did leave me with a difficult struggle. Giardia laid me low for a month. A couple of ER visits and a hospital stay, finally on the upswing.  We were so, so careful, but perhaps one washed veggie did me in. As a lover of travel, and so happy to finally introduce Mark to a third world, I’m not ready to give up.  I was ready to move right into Bhutan for the fall, but it may take me all summer to recover…so… I’m pushing for a Saint James Way walk in the fall. Please encourage Mark to join in on my plan!   Another Road Scholar trip, so it will be well done.  Retirement isn’t for the meek