I have all my pictures uploaded on my iPad, and I keep getting knocked off the internet. I really want to share my pictures of the King’s Ranch. It was so interesting. And the small village where the employees live. We were able to see a home, and the way they live. Although communism is suppose to equal people in theory, it was a marked difference in life. These people work for the government, but have little. Hopefully tomorrow morning the connection will improve. 

I have also been aware that there is a little of “big brother” watching, so I will save my political blog for home. The country seems more socialist then communist. They don’t seem to be hiding things, like when we were in Russia. 

Meanwhile, we saw Che Chivara’s museum. No photos inside, but they had many artifacts from the revolution. Guns, documents and many photos. So I will post those. 



The people are waiting in line for ice cream. These are young men who I think are trying to get me to pay for night with them. I declined, don’t worry. I give up trying to post tonight. Maybe early am, I will add what I wrote about.