Wifi in Cuba is quite an experience in perserverance. First you need to find a card. They cost $2cucs, about $2.30 for about 1 hour. And they seem to run out of cards frequently. Then, you need to find some place with wifi ( remember those days) usually a square, or a hotel. Then, of there aren’t too many people trying to get online, finally, you can post. Tonight we are in a square in Trinidad, Cuba. A live band outside with what are suppose to be amazing salsa dancers. They have not arrived yet. LOL. But also, there is wifi, success for me

We had an interesting trip to a “national” (country owned) ranch yesterday. I really want to tell you about it and want to share pictures. But I also want to watch the dancing. So I will wait til tomorrow when we are in another city. Hope you all understand!

Meanwhile I will share a couple of pictures of cars for you. There must be hundreds still on the road here. You see them everywhere.

I also want to discuss their politics, from my point of view. But with a salsa band playing, this just isn’t the place. 

With the introduction of private enterprise here, many people has really taken the lead, and started B&B’s, restaurants and stores. Tonight we are staying in a B&B type place. They live downstairs, with rooms upstairs. This home is amazing, and I do have pictures I will upload tomorrow. Trinidad is a tourist town, colonial that has been preserved. Again, a very vibrant and beautiful city. 

This country has music and arts everywhere! We feel safe and welcome. 

Tomorrow night, wifi dependent, I will post a more in depth post!