We have moved! To Camaguey! Yesterday was a travel day. We drove, not far, but it took 8 hours. It is due to the type of traffic on the roads. Lots of horse carts, lots, they use them as taxis and take the children to school with them. Ladas, old Russian cars, and old American cars. Many motorcycles from Russian. Everything is from either before 1959 or before the fall of communism, 1980’s. The call the time following the fall of communism the “special period”. They didn’t have any trading partners after the fall. And the shortages were severe. Now their trading partners are china, Bolivia and I believe Venezuela. Although items we take for granted, they are more plentiful, it is the cost that prohibits them buying them. Like appliances, clothing etc. 

I love driving through the countryside. Alone the roads, there is always a dirt path, used for horse back riders and walkers. The fields have sugar cane and vegetables. They also raise chickens, cows, goats and pigs, pork is big here. But they use a lot of the meats for schools hospitals and embarrassingly, tourists. 

Tuesday night we spent the evening with a Cuba family in Santiago. It happened because the man stopped and wanted to practice his English. He didn’t ask for anything but that. We had a free night, so we had him invite his wife and daughter and bought them supper, visiting for hours. So much fun. He is a percussionist, and his wife worked in a school. The daughter was 12. I let her play games in my iPhone and she figured the games out quick. Internet is available in hotels, some city squares. You buy a card for $2.00 an hour. I am in a different hotel lobby this morning because our hotels is out. Most have flip phones they can text and call with. But that service isn’t countrywide. Only the cities and towns. 

Last night we were treated to a “swim ballet” 

Rather unusual, but fun. Then we did a Congo line around the pool with them. Most hotels have different entertainment. Rarely do we eat without a live band, or singer.  

Unfortunately the internet here is even slower, so I am unable to upload much. Maybe in the middle of the night with less users? 

The bathrooms in the hotels and restaurants are good. Otherwise, they make you think twice whether you really need to go. LOL! 

Please, if you have any questions, ask! My best pictures are on my camera. But I’m unable to upload them until we return to the US. 

Camaguey uses many pedicabs. Brightly decorated by artists. Today we will be traveling by those. Till tomorrow! Cheers