We wandered down the Eastern Florida coast, camping at a couple of  unmemorable state parks.  Perhaps it is because they were on the inner banks? They were full of snowbirds though, and lots of expensive RVs were parked at the sites. Some of the RVs must cost $100,000, I’ve never checked the pricing of them, but when there is a big screen TV built into the outside of the vehicle, the costs have to be up there.  Although we camped in a tent for over 30 years, I’ve never considered myself a purist camper. You know, freeze drying food, Cooking over an open fire…. we love the outdoors and spend most of our time enjoying exploring it. That said, with it getting dark early, we have been watching some TV.  Stephen Foster State Park and a couple of other places even had cable hook up.

(Ignore the mess please) I almost feel like a sell out, but it is so cozy in the camper at night.

We are now in Miami and fly to Cuba tomorrow morning. Sometimes we will have wifi, and I will be blogging when possible. I am very excited and meeting the diverse group has made it even more interesting. A couple, who are retired diplomats, a retiree from Price Waterhouse, a couple of teachers and a couple of nurses. 

And yes, my suitcase is 40lbs. We are bringing some items to donate. Travel size toiletries are a desired item, along with pens, pencils and paper. They also recommend we bring our own toilet paper and lots of hand sanitizer. Our journey will be throughout the country. Starting in Santiago de Cuba. 

I hope to have some wonderful pictures to add soon!