Growing up,  I always heard the phrase “”let your freak flag fly”..  I thought of this as a positive, eccentric was used in the past…another word I considered flattering.. My freak flag doesn’t fly wide or  high, but it is there.  So,  here is a shred of my flag.  I. Love the Okefenokee Swamp..  I love the Stephen Foster State Park,  that is in the. Middle of the park.  

The fact that I can paddle a canoe through a swamp,  right next to alligators, in the US, just makes. Me happy..   Excuse my. Punctuation, my keyboard is sensitive.  

Anyhow,   Stopping for a couple nights was.  A gift. We are now at Topoka State Park in Florida. Heading down the Coast to Miami, in two days…then Cuba!