By Friday, we need to be in Miami to start our trip to Cuba. So, we have left a little early to wind our way down. Camping along the way. Nothing too exciting, just visiting some places we have been before. The last couple of days, we were in Townsend, Tennessee, visiting Smokey Mountain National Park. Mark was particularly interested in the burn, that occurred this past fall. We found out that 16,000 acres burned, 2% of the park forests. The devastation was felt more in the residential areas that burned. We weren’t able to explore much of the burned areas in the park. Shortly after our arrival they closed the park road due to snowfall. 

We hiked to Laurel Falls in the snow, and it was quite magical. Absolutely beautiful, and we were alone while at the falls

Today we have driven through Georgia and are going to camp at Stephen Foster State Park and the Okeefenokee Swamp. Tomorrow I hope to be canoeing with the alligators. Suppose to be 75 degrees for a high!!