This is first time we have had an international trip combined with a camping trip.  It is making my never ending woe of packing, even more difficult.  I realize I have lamented about this multiple times.  But one more time, starting out in winter clothes and then slowly moving towards a tropical climate is a challenge clothing wise.  I’ll stop here with my whining here.

Our trip to Cuba is through Road Scholar, a travel group for…well, people our age.  They have a wide variety of trips, to all locations and for all physical abilities.  We have some friends who have traveled with them before, and their reviews were all excellent.

Road Scholar

As Americans, a specific reason for traveling to Cuba is still necessary.  Our tour is educational, and looks to be very thorough.  We will be traveling throughout the island and seeing different cities and countryside.  One night, in Trinidad, we will be spending the night with a local family.

Trinidad, Cuba

Most dining out at Cuba is mainly in Paladares.  From what I have read, these are restaurants in peoples homes.  They set up a dining area in what may be their living room, and serve meals.  Our tour includes dining at many of these.


A couple of other highlights of the trip, exploring the countryside and enjoying a pig roast.  We will also spend some time with fishermen and enjoy lunch with them. There are quite a few “People To People” experiences.

With less then 2 weeks before we leave, we are getting excited!