I have been concentrating on Christmas and family.  We are traveling to Elkhorn, Nebraska to celebrate with the Kramer’s, on January 6th

img_8803We had a nice Christmas spent with family.  Love my nieces and great nieces.


We will return home on the 8th to celebrate my Mom’s 90th Birthday.  I was somehow trying to fit a trip to Montery Park, to visit Benzinnen and family, in January.   Then, I started to get bombarded with information from Road Scholar, reminding me,  I just need to focus on prepping for our trip.


The plan is to leave on January 27th and drive to Miami for our flight on February 3rd to Cuba.  Our drive down is allowing us to stop in Gatlinburg to assess the burned areas, and visit an area we love so much.

We will then continue down to the Okefenokee Swamp, another place that really captured our wanderlust.


A couple of state campgrounds in Florida, and the drive ends up being rather enjoyable.  We have to arrive at a hotel near the Miami Airport by February 3rd.  I will lay out the travel plans for Cuba in a later post.  We will be leaving in one month!!!