We just spent a few day in Mt. Rainier National Park and there wasn’t any cellular service to be found.  Which isn’t a bad thing in this day and age. I can pretend there isn’t any presidential campaigning going on, and this lack of TV has been refreshing too.  Perhaps I am a product of the sixties, and need to admit…I love TV, and also, it isn’t always quality programming.  I won’t tell you how far I sink in my viewing choices, and will never release my DVRed list to anyone. But I digress…back to the national park visit.  

The fall colors are at their height here, and Mt. Rainier, at 14,000+ feet, pops into view at every turn.  It really is quite magnificent.  We camped and hiked, and enjoyed beautiful weather, sunshine and in the 60’s.  One morning heading out to hike, we found ourselves above the clouds.  Mark thought it looked like a sheet of ice.  It was breathtaking, and my pictures don’t quite do it justice. 

We hiked up to a couple of alpine lakes, the trail meandered through meadows and ascended with wonderful views surrounding us.  

The park has everything we love, rushing streams, waterfalls, mountains, canyons and forests. 

We are now in Richland, Washington, visiting an old friend, Jas Brockman.  Mark and Brockman can golf and I’ll watch a little of my bad TV, laundry and regroup for the drive east.  Richland’s climate, interestingly, is Desert. When I think of Washington, I always imagine long rainy days. 

Today we begin our drive East home.  I’m kind of winging the route.  I have the GPS set for two lane hightways, and will kind of follow the Oregon trail route.  I also invested in the ALLSTAYS app for camping.  It lists every type of campground imaginable.  It will hopefully be fun!!!