We made it!  All the way to the Pacific coast stopping first at a part of Olympic National Park, on Ruby Beach. 

A very rugged part of the coast and breathtakingly beautiful. We camped close enough to hear the waves, but all the prime spots filled early.  It is amazing how many people are out camping at this time of year.  It must be impossible to find a spot in the summer.  The weather continues to be beautiful.  Little rain and temps in the 60’s-70’s.  

We have since traveled down the coast to visit an old friend. Rick was a truck driver Mark got to know through work.  We had him to the cabin a couple of times, and he was able to enjoy my Father’s Manhattens.  With the secret of stirring with a finger.  Rick is retired now and an avid fisherman.  Westport, right on the coast is all about the fishing, crabbing, clamming… A real working harbor and interesting to see the area, but more importantly spend time with Rick.  

He prepared a delicious meal of salmon, two different ways, smoked and grill.  Yummmmm!  He also has wonderful neighbors, Sandy and Carl, who contributed fried fish to the meal. I ate til I hurt!  Rick gave us a tour of the area yesterday and there are cranberry bogs.   I always thought of Washington and apples, not cranberries, but it is quite big here.

Not quite time to fill the bogs, but it is getting close.  

Not far from where we are camped are sea lions, I can hear them throughout the day.  We walked down to see them and they are quite smelly.

We also watched them unload fish from a boat, thousands, and were told they are the type of fish McDonald’s uses. 

After a great time in Westport, Thanks Rick, Carl, Sandy and Dennis…we are off to Mt. Rainier National Park tomorrow. 

My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of a young man, another heartbreaking loss of a young person.