It has been a bit since I posted.  Actually we have seen many sites since my last post, and camped in three different sites.  Olympic National Park is huge!  I determined the best way to see it was to change locations every night, starting in the hurricane ridge area.  Hurricane Ridge was a recommended must see, but when we arrived at the top,it was fogged in, rainy and very windy.  After driving up that road, maybe it wasn’t some place I wanted to see anyway.   

We drove down the road and took in a couple of waterfalls.  And we were able to see some salmon swimming up to spawn.  The route they take seems kind of painful.  Th falls they jump are rather high and only a few make it each leap.  A ways back was a pool where they looked like they were resting before another attempt.  You could see open wounds on their skin.  

Fall pictures first….

I know I was able to video a little of the salmon, so I will add that soon.  Don’t know the man in the picture by the way, he photobombed.  

We are now in Westport, Washington. Although I’m no fond of RV parks, it is lovely to have a place to do laundry and plug and charge all our devices.  Next National park is Mt. Rainer!!!