We are now in the Northern Cascade National Park.  I love mountains and waterfalls and this park has a bounty of them.  As we drove through the park, waterfalls poured off the mountains at every corner.  I love all the mountain areas, from the smokies to the Rockies, and these are ruggedly beautiful. Breath taking with glaciers near every peak.  As a matter of fact, this park has the most glaciers in the contiguous states. 

Pulling off at every pull out and admiring the beauty. The rivers are green due to the glacier run offs, Mark could give a more scientific explaination.

We found a camp spot in Goodell Campground, right on the Skagget (SIC) river.  The river supplies Seattle with electricity. 

After setting up camp, we took a short hike by a rushing stream.  It felt almost like a rain forest, humid and wet with large trees.  A great way to start our stay here.  It will be a short stay, we head to Olympic tomorrow,but long enough for another hike today.  Here are some pictures from our hike yesterday.

We are camped right near the visitor center, so we have cell service!  I see Morrison is gonna be hit with storms, so stay safe everyone!   

Here is a picture of my view right now! The weather is quite warm here but a little windy.  No real bear threat, although there is a campaign to return Grizzlies to this park.