Our time at Glacier Nationa Park was amazing. We camped for most of the trip at Cut Bank Campground, one of the “primitive” campgrounds in the park with 14 sites. After a 4 mile drive in on a gravel road, through forest and cow pasture… We were surprised to find it nearly full.  There were mainly tent campers of all ages. 

Surrounded by snow covered mountains and a small rushing stream, it was the perfect place. We hiked an 8 mile trail by the campground and saw little wild life, but did have a mule deer join us for a bit. Most important were the amazing views of the mountains.

We had heard so much about Many Glacier, we explored that part of Glacier on Thursday. There were so many wonderful hikes to take, but because of our short visit, I decided to take the most popular to Grinnell Lake, a 6 mile hike. It was beautiful hike to an Alpine Lake. 

By the way, it is recommended you carry pepper spray for bears. It has been researched to be the most effective deterrent. A nice couple leaving the park gave us theirs, and I hoped we never had to use it! So far, so good!

There was an amazing fall along the hike and the lake with long falls in the distance were beautiful.  The weather throughout our time in Glacier couldn’t have been more perfect. Upper 60’s during the day and 30’s at night. With the heater in our camper, it couldn’t be more cozy.

Tomorrow I’ll finish catching up with Glacier and where we are now!