We have made it home, and back to reality.  This trip was one I could have happily extended.  We really enjoyed the slower pace and less area covered, less campgrounds.  Sometimes I get too ambitious in my planning.  Although all the trips are fun, being able to spend more time exploring is so nice.  We were able to meet more people, and really do some great hikes.  We loved the Upper Peninsula and have already made plans to return. Porcupine Mountain has rustic cabins you can stay in and there was one right next to a waterfall.  We made reservations for a few days in August, and I am really looking forward to it.  We weren’t able to kayak on Lake Superior, and hopefully with our return we will be able to, along with more hiking.

Our next trip, besides the return trip to Porcupine Mountain, is to explore the state of Washington.  We hope to do this in the fall.  I will leave you with some more photos of our trip.  Bye for now!!

The Grand Hotel
Cathedral Rock
Hiking trail Pictured
Pictured Rocks
One of many falls
Searching for agates