The best story needs be told first. On our ferry ride to Machinac Island, a couple sat in front of us, and they looked like retirees like us. We’ve seen a few on this trip and didn’t think too much about it. But then, everywhere we traveled, from then on the popped up. We started commenting on it and exchanging a little more than hello. They are retired school teachers camping, from California. We ended up on the same boat cruise for Pictured Rocks. Then, on a spur of the moment decision, we camped at Van Riker State Park. From there, they were headed to Copper Falls, and we continued on to Porcupine. Well…yesterday, at the information center, THERE THEY WERE. It has been such fun! This morning they stopped, and we had a picture taken! Delightful people, and I won’t be surprised if we run into them again.

Not w for the miscalculation. I plan all the hikes, deciding which ones are doable for me. Mark can walk forever with little exertion. He is blessed! Anyhow, I saw a hike along a stream, and checked a topographical map at the visitor center even. What I didn’t pay close attention to was the mileage. It was such a beautiful hike, we just kept walking. Look at this river we walked along for miles. Beautiful waterfalls, and thick forests. 

We kept going, and going, and going! All the way to Lake Superior… Seven miles of beauty! But then… I had to hike back, and the energizer bunny was fine of course. I pulled out the trusty map and found a 3 mile hike back…to another trail head. Mark said he would walk to the truck and come back for me. The gnats were so bad, I just started walking with him, ignoring the fact it was a 5 mile walk on the highway.  Guess what! I flagged down an older gentleman, and he brought us back to our truck!! I may have scared him, but it was worth it. Eleven miles for the day, and I can’t move!!