I have read so much about this park, my expectations were high. But first, we explored a little know state park called Craig’s Lake. It was initially owned by the Miller family and then passed on after a fatal airplane accident, finally passed to the state of Michigan. There was an introduction of moose to the area in the 80’s. We did see one by the side of the highway, but none in the park. They have left it undeveloped, and even driving in was an adventure. Four wheel drive was needed. 

After a lovely hike and slightly harrowing drive out, we headed to Porcupine. A beautiful camping spot on the lake.

With lots of gnats during the day. But the lake is calm and the air is warm, and we have a screened in tent…all is right. Today we took an eight mile hike (my idea) to mirror lake. It started at Lake of the Clouds, absolutely mesmerizing.

Then some torturous ups and downs, but I am proud to say, I made it! Some mud, but no tears. 

Tonight we are gonna sit by the fire and have s’mores, listening to the waves. And I’ll be planning tomorrow’s hike. Much less demanding I hope!!