It seems that many of the places we travel to, have poor cell phone service. so I have not been able to write. as we hike though, sometimes I’ll be able to get LTE in the unlikeliest places. we have been in this park for a couple of days hiking and exploring. the falls are beautiful and the people are few. 

Of course it snowed a bit today, must be why there are so few people. Although there were four tent campers in our campground last night. Hearty souls. I must say, I really enjoy our heater and comfy bed. 

We drove up to the Shipwreck Museum in Whitefish Bay. Very interesting and well done for being in the middle of nowhere. I’ll post pictures once I have service again and more time. We are stopped in a small town called Paradise and who ever named it must have seen something different than what is hear now. But there is service, gas and a grocery store. 

Tomorrow we head to Pictured Rocks. I’ll get some pictures up of Mackinac island then. Along with some other sites we have visited. Meanwhile I’m going to figure out how to find Agates. A big thing up here