Our next stop, Nashville, Tennessee!  Our niece, Christina Albert, is a sophomore at Vanderbuilt University, so we stopped to see her.  What an amazing young woman who is taking full advantage of all the University has to offer.  After a Nashville traditional lunch  (hot chicken and it was delicious) we wandered the downtown very quickly. After checking the weather for the area, and further North, snow and frigid temperatures was the forecast.  Downtown Nashville is full of bars, with live music in every single one! Many cowboy boot stores, I was tempted but retained myself, and some souvenir shops. We hurried through so we could get on the road, changing the last part of our trip.  We decided to head home due to the weather, and return someday to Nashville and the Kentucky’s land between the lakes area.

I am not a fan of cold and camping in 20 degrees and below is not my idea of fun.  Although our camper is cozy warm in the cold, you can’t enjoy the outside, campfires aren’t even fun.

I decided to list some of the things I learned this trip, so I can look back and not make the same mistakes, and to do some of the same things that did work! They are in no particular order.

  1. Tennessee and Kentucky aren’t far enough south to avoid cold weather.
  2. You actually need to go to Florida, Arizona, Southern Texas, and California, to truly avoid winter.
  3. Cities like Memphis, New Orleans, and Nashville, are best explored when you have a hotel room in the area.  Not because of alcohol, but just the ability to dine out late and see all the different nightlife.
  4. Camping in an RV park isn’t as bad as I once thought, although we still would rather be in state parks and federal campgrounds.
  5. Avoiding making reservations allow for more traveling flexibility, and unless you are in some highly popular areas, aren’t necessary.
  6. Stopping at state welcome centers as soon as you enter the state, is the best way to add to your trip.  Even though you have things planned, the information enhances the visit.
  7. Most states will send you information for free.  Something to do before you leave.
  8. Traveling 2 lane highways is the best way to travel.
  9. If you like an area, stay an extra day or two.  But if the area doesn’t have anything you are interested in, leave early.
  10. When camping in the cold weather, have plenty of movies downloaded for entertainment.
  11. TripAdvisor is a great source for sites to see.  I always enter “top 10 things to do in (city or area)”.
  12. Citywalks is a great app for walking tours of cities.  I have used it in Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans and more.
  13. Yelp for restaurants and so much more, is an indispensable app.
  14. Try to keep driving time between locations 2-3 hours, that allows for time to explore if you come across something you want to see, on your route.

I am sure there are many more things, but these are the ones that have come to me right away.

We are hoping to finish the Superior Circle Tour this year, canoeing in Canada, and trips to LA and Nebraska.  Good by until another adventure.