After spending so much time in cities and towns exploring.  My planning had to included a day in the outdoors.  I researched many different parks in Alabama, and Oak Mountain kept popping up.  In the Southern Appalachians, and near Birmingham, the park offered it all.  Besides camping, there is hiking, mountain biking, golf course, archery, fishing, beach, BMX track and many other activities.  It is heavily used, but with so much space it didn’t feel like there were lots of people around.

As many of you know, I love waterfalls, so our first hike was to the Peavine Falls in the park.  The weather was gorgeous for hiking, sunshine and in the 50’s.


There were recent heavy rains in the area, and the falls were really running.  We also hiked along a mountain stream and actually hiked about 7-8 miles in total.  It was wonderful just wandering.