Alabama is the last state we have not been to, in the contiguous states. Alaska and Hawaii await!! But we made it to Alabama, and I am surprised how wooded it is. Our first camp spot was on a Gulf of Mexico inlet, beautiful, but not great camping.

One night and we started our trek north. There were multiple Mardi Gras floats on the interstate slowing the traffic way way down. But it is their most important holiday around here.

We then stopped in Selma, after our civil rights lesson in Memphis, it was poignant to see the bridge of such racism. Selma looks quite prosperous compared to other towns we have been through. 

It is a little chilly and so we are camped south of Birmingham for a couple of days and going to do come hiking. This campground, Oak Mountain State Park, is old and beautiful. Then on to Nashville. Another city we have missed in our travels.