First of all, we changed campgrounds to St. Bernard State Park. It is closer to New Orleans and much smaller, rather quaint. 

Yesterday we explored plantation alley. There are numerous plantations open for tours and all unique. In this area they are sugar plantations. We explored Oak Alley and Laura plantations, right on the Mississippi River.

I have more pictures on my camera, but again, I am blogging from my phone. 

There are some things I didn’t realize about this area. It is very industrialized. Many chemical factories line the river with lots of ships moving the products. Also, we are surrounding by the a winding River. So to get anywhere, we have to take a ferry.

Bridges and even have gone under the River. We have had some interesting dining experiences too. A highly recommended place near the campground. 

Where we had the special, potato salad and some kind of shrimp, gravy, potato dish. Contrary to the way it looks, it was quite good.

Because we are retired and can be flexible. We are headed further south in Louisiana, and going to check out this campground and area today. Should be an adventure.  

So back to our $1.00 ferry ride.