We spent last night on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain in Fontainebleau State Park. After stopping in Baton Rouge to check out where I worked following Katrina. It was just like I remembered it. A basketball stadium with 600 people camped out on the basketball floor.

We also went to St. Francisville, a small community with lots of neat old houses and surrounded by plantations. I’ll post some pictures later, using my phone right now. We didn’t tour any of the plantations, but did walk through a neighborhood.  We also drove on a levee along the Mississippi River that was built by slaves.


Today we moved campgrounds, to be closer to New Orleans, and it is a much smaller and quieter state park. After selecting a site we drove into New Orleans. This close to Mardi Gras, it was pretty busy for daytime.

We ate and toured and listed to music. Tomorrow we will return for a little more, but first we are going to tour the Oak Alley Plantation.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oak_Alley_Plantation

Finally, my plantation tour. 

The weather is very humid and warm. But tomorrow there is severe weather…thunderstorms forecasted. We will see how are little camper holds up. Later…