I found this plantation, Frogmore, and it is a working plantation.  Great right?!? After driving 45 minutes, it was closed, something it’s website didn’t tell us.  But it was interesting to drive through the area.  Quite impoverished, and you can actually buy fresh coon.  Something I can live without trying by the way.  So we returned to Natchez and toured the Longmore estate.  87 acres and not an inch of it farmed.  They started building before the Civil War and never finished it.  Only the “basement”.  It was very interesting and lovely to see.  

There were a few things that reminded us of our house, on a smaller scale of course. There was a dumb waiter and pocket doors, and many well thought out designs to increase warmth and cooling.  Then we headed back to Natchez and walked the River front.  I did find this cool bag, and that is how I learned to spell Mississippi…had to have it

We spent the afternoon at the campground, doing laundry and checking out the little lake.  After dining on so many of the areas splendid food, we decided to cook “at home”.  Not a bad frozen bag of orange chicken. 

Tomorrow we head south to Baton Rouge and Southern University, where I spent 3 weeks of my life during Katrina.  Then on to a state park near New Orleans.  We are only going to explore New Orleans during the day.  Maybe catch a parade or two, they have them daily up to Mardi Gras.  Our plan is to leave before the BIG one! We also want to explore the coast of Louisiana.  Til later friends….