It may be the improvement in the weather, but I love Natchez.  We are at Natchez State Park, and there are actually people here!! With more rolling in… Or the friendliness of the people.  But it is 70 degrees and the bathhouse is warm, and so is the shower.  We can see a little lake from our site, and there is laughter and music.  Today we did a couple of planned walking trails in the city.  The homes are amazing, and Antebellum mansions abound.  I had to look up Antebellum and it means anything (dress, housing, parties…) precivil war.  

We didn’t tour any homes today, just walked around the neighborhood.  Tomorrow is a home and plantation tour day.  They called the homes around here town homes.  Plantation owners around the area like the social life in the city, so they built homes with slave houses in the back.  

Above is a freed slave home.  Tomorrow will be the home tour day.  Going to see a plantation and a town home.  Did you know that Natchez is famous for their biscuits. We had some with preserves and they were warm and amazing.  We are now enjoying the weather at the campground.  Finally warm enough for a fire and some hotdogs.