We left the blues trail behind and drove into Vicksburg.  Because the weather hasn’t been quite as warm, we tried another RV park.  It just isn’t the life for us, but not being able to spend time outdoors, it really didn’t matter at this point.  Thank goodness we did… Mark left a cooler plugged in to the truck, and in the morning it was dead, dead, dead.  The friendly RV park owner gave us a jump after his super toy didn’t work. It is a portable jump starter and is suppose to give us 3 jumps.  Nothing nada.  We were able to go to the Vicksburg National Battle Site.  A 16 mile auto tour.  Now I am not a civil war buff, but it was impressive.  A 47 day siege that the Union won. 

Above is the Illinois Monument.  The Union was able to shut off the Confederate army, by land and water.  It was interesting with all of the trenching and strategic planning.  

With the weather and poor camping selection, we decided to move down to Natchez.  A great plan it turned out.  But first, a picture of one of the old Ironsides used in the battles.