During my research for this trip, I didn’t happen upon the Blues connection until later.  So I didn’t allow for much time.  I believe we will need to return to do this part of the south justice.  But I did find a book, Blues Traveling, that gave direction to many of the most famous sites.  We started in Northeast Mississippi and traveled in the Delta to some of the recommended places.  Including Helena, Arkansas and Clarksdale, Mississppi.  Many of the towns are ramshackle, for lack of a better word.  All of the important employers, are gone.  But all of the towns still have juke joints for people to let loose.  Because we aren’t out late at night, we have yet to experience one of these, but maybe next time.  We stopped at a few recommended sites and saw some of the back country.  

King Biscuit Radio show in Helena, Arkansas was one of the stops. Along with Muddy Waters home, a tenant farmers home near a plantation. We. Have. learned a whole lot about Cotton picking,  and a lot about life in the south for African Americans.    Today we went to Indianola,  B..B.  Kings Hometown. THe museum is amazin,  and very in. Depth about life. In the delta..   

I have so much more to write my connection  is. Temperamental.  Vicksburg battlefield is tomorrow.