Tomorrow we start our meandering south, but it looks like we aren’t going south enough.  We hope to make it to Memphis on Sunday, and camp at the lovely Graceland RV Park.  Hopefully the snow will have been dealt with by the time we arrive.  I imagine Memphis doesn’t quite have the experience in snow removal, that us Northerners do.  Also, it will be cooler then I initially expected.  Our camper is cozy though, and heats up fast, so we will be fine.  Plus, we are acclimated to cold weather, so even 50’s will feel good.  These are the things I tell myself for reassurance.

This is our tentative schedule.  As always, if we are someplace we really enjoy, or not enjoying, the plan can change.  The only reservation we have is the State Park near New Orleans.  Mardi Gras starts shortly after our time there, and we are intentionally missing it.

ScanScan 1

I consider Chester, Illinois the beginning of our trip…  After driving through Illinois the fastest way possible, we will begin our meandering along the Mississippi River at that point.